Fixing Health Care: The Wrong and The Right

Middlemen in mental health care have a deservedly unsavory reputation. Any practicing clinician is too painfully aware of the arduous necessity of qualifying patients for treatment, and the seemingly endless cycle of denials and appeals orchestrated by low-level employees of major HMOs. All too often, clinicians and patients gave up out of sheer exhaustion if nothing else, which in effect makes a mockery of state and national parity legislation. As we are all aware, even though national parity legislation exists, this is quite variably applied and enforced. Read more.


Adherence with Jeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP

Examine strategies to improve adherence to medical and behavioral healthcare regimens with Dr. Reiter, including patient and provider communication, motivation, and patient access to resources and support systems.

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Spotlight: The Brain

The Brains Behind Behavioral Science

This two-part series from the Behavioral Scientist argues that a better understanding of neuroscience can improve behavioral science and that ignoring the power of the brain while pursuing behavior change is a costly error. Read more.

Brain Scans Can ID Autism, But What Then?

Emerging algorithms, coupled with brain scans, can target infants who are likely autistic long before a diagnosis would normally be possible. But when it comes to applying this predictive model to early interventions, researchers are stumped. Read more.

Power Causes the Brain to Change

Power, research shows, primes our brain to screen out peripheral information, which in lowers leaders' mental capacity capacity for reading other people. Read more.

Moms: Your Kids Hijacked Your Brain for Life 

It's not just fleeting "pregnancy brain"; having a baby permanently alters your brain. Between brain shrinkage, hormonal changes, and migrating fetal cells, neurologists are beginning to understand the lasting effects of pregnancy on women. Read more.

Our World Outsmarts Us 

In this piece, a neurologist discusses the complexity of the world we've created and the human brain's struggle to keep up. What happens to our society when the human brain is under-engineered to deal with the problems we face? Read more.

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Challenges to Evidence-Based Practice in Treating PTSD: Practical Solutions - 6/29

This webinar from the Center for Deployment Psychology will discuss challenges faced when implementing EBPs and practical solutions. Participants will get 1 FREE CE! Find out more.

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