The $201,000,000,000 Lottery:

How Much Of It Does Psychology Deserve?

According to a recent report in the journal Health Affairs, Americans spend $201 billion dollars annually on mental healthcare, far more than we pay for any other medical condition. It is quite appalling that we spend this much with so little to show for it. Recently, I attended the Senate Summit on Mental Health hosted by Sens. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana. The purpose of the event was to advocate for a comprehensive mental health reform act that promises to expand training of healthcare providers and increase funding and access to mental health services. But we must ask: Is psychology ready to meet these challenges? Read more.

In the News

Spotlight: Summer Listening

TED Radio Hour: Maslow's Human Needs

Weekly, the TED Radio Hour curates ideas, inventions, and new approaches presented in TED Talks into a conversation on a common theme. This episode explores the spectrum of needs, from primal to profound. Listen here.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show
: Identifying Youth Mental Health Problems Before They Begin

The live 'magazine' style of the Kojo Nnamdi Show highlights conversation from experts and stakeholders on issues in the news. This episode features mental health providers, parents, and reporters and centers around this reporting from Kavitha Cardoza on the state of mental health in schools. Listen here.

Only Human
: 'You Don't Watch Bollywood With Me Anymore'

This podcast aims to tell stories about health that we can all relate to. This episode follows Rose, a clinical psychology doctoral student, as she bridges the generation gap and tells her Pakistani-American family about her depression. Listen here.

This American Life
: In Defense of Ignorance 

This American Life perfected the art of crafting episodic stories in 1995, long before the technology that has made podcasts so popular existed. This episode features a psychological experiment that proved that ignorance is, in fact, bliss. Listen here.

: Cosmic Habituation 

Radiolab tells weekly stories that cross science, philosophy, and human experience. This episode follows a psychologist who revisits his graduate research and the puzzling decline effect. Listen here.

99% Invisible
: Freud's Couch

This podcast delves into the unnoticed and hidden design that shapes our world. This episode profiles one of Freud's most notable contributions to the field: the couch. Listen here.


Education Highlights

Resource: PTSD Consultation Program for Providers Who Treat Veterans

The PTSD Consultation Program, launched in 2011, is now available to providers outside of the VA who are treating veterans with PTSD. In addition to accessing print resources, providers can call or email experts to ask questions or request consultations about PTSD-related issues. Find out more.

Working Together to Support the Caregivers of Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families - July 12

This SAMHSA and National Council sponsored webinar will focus on the behavioral health needs of the caregivers of service members, veterans, and their families. Participants will discuss strategies to best support these caregivers. Find out more.

Interventions to Improve Pharmacological Adherence Among Adults with Psychotic Spectrum Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD - July 18

This webinar will examine the effectiveness of interventions to improve medication adherence in patients, the effect of these interventions on patient outcomes, and the harms or costs associated with treatment. Find out more.

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Congratulations to the 2016 Hall and Wellner Award Winners!

The National Register Board of Directors was so impressed with this year’s Hall and Wellner award nominees they decided to award two of each award. Robyn L. Gobin, PhD, and Omar G. Gudiño, PhD, ABPP, were awarded the 2016 Judy E. Hall, PhD, Early Career Psychologist Award. John D. Robinson, EdD, ABPP, and Beth N. Rom-Rymer, PhD, were awarded the 2016 Alfred M. Wellner, PhD, Lifetime Achievement Award. Congratulations and thanks to all who applied!

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Adler University is hiring faculty for its new PsyD program in Vancouver.

Resources on Gun Violence

Last Monday, following a mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, Dr. Sammons wrote an Executive Officer's Desk column entitled 'Beyond Anger and Disbelief.'  Additionally, we've compiled resources and articles to better inform and prepare psychologists to work with communities affected by gun violence, including our Sourcebook of References on Gun Violence.

The National Register Joins Mental Health America


The National Register is now an associate member of Mental Health America. Founded in 1909, MHA is a leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of Americans. Find out more.

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