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The summer of 2016 may very well go down as the “Summer of Outrage.” National elections are never the calmest of events, but this particular cycle seems to be marked by heated passion (to say nothing of unbridled invective) in degrees not seen for quite some time. And it’s not a uniquely American phenomenon. Outraged Britons have chosen to depart the European Union, a passionate decision that they apparently may be coming to regret. But closer to home (and to the theme of this column), it seems that psychologists are increasingly joining the ranks of the outraged. Listservs seem replete with outraged comments about this thing or that, this insurer or that new therapy, this new drug or that new medical device. Read more.

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Spotlight: Game Theories

Pokemon Go Gets Inside Your Brain

Two weeks after it was released, Pokemon Go has cemented it's place in the zeitgeist. The game is uniquely addictive because of the way it interfaces with the real world. Others argue that it capitalizes on psychological tricks and social media has primed us for this type of game. People are reporting that the game has helped to improve their mental health and clinicians are wondering if augmented reality is a new frontier for therapy. Others argue it's not the game working mental health miracles, but rather a 'surprise health bonus' from the physical activity required to play

Game Changes Tendency to Misread Emotions

A pilot study of interpretation bias training reported that the game, which shifts a child's judgment for perceiving ambiguous faces from angry to happy, can reduce irritability in children. This change was accompanied by changes in activation of mood-related brain circuitry. Read more.

Can Virtual Violence Harm Children?

Earlier this month, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy brief on 'virtual violence,' or violence experienced in realistic ways via technology. One psychologist argues that the brief is misinformed and should be ignored by parents and policy makers. Another argues that exposure to violence, even virtually, is creating an epidemic

Video Game Design Draws on Psychology

As technology advances, video game designers are turning to psychology as a powerful tool to increase user engagement, such as measuring biofeedback. Read more.

Hack Your Kids With Game Theory

Kids are master manipulators, this book argues. So rather than traditional parenting advice, try using game theory to keep up with them. Read more.


Education Highlights

Lessons on Integrated Care from the VA and DoD - July 28

Primary and behavioral healthcare integration experts from the VA and DoD will discuss how you can transfer the practices, tools, and resources they've learned to your own efforts to integrate care. Find out more.

Resource: Chronic Pain Management and Substance Abuse Disorders Webinar Series 

This multi-part webinar series, hosted by the National Council for Behavioral Health, has a wealth of information about SUDs. They've compiled the series so that providers can access slides, additional resources, and webinar recordings. Find out more.

Resource: The Behavioral Health Aspects of Zika Virus Disease

The SAMHSA Disaster Behavioral Health Information Series put together these resources to address the behavioral health implications of Zika, including those with the disease and the stress of getting the disease. Find out more.

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Director of Behavioral Health Care Integration - Austin, TX

Design and implement a behavioral healthcare integration strategy.

Be part of the pain management team at an army medical center.
A tenure-track position at the Program in Human Sexuality at UMN. 

Interns and Postdoctoral Fellows - Oklahoma City, OK

Positions available in the Integrated Behavioral Services for Underserved Populations program.

Research health behavior change with both children and adults.
An immediate opening for the 2016-17 year to provide integrated care.


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Registrant Peter Currie, PhD, has been appointed Senior Vice President of Program Strategy and Innovation at the California Health Care Foundation. Registrant Marie C. Weil, PsyD, was awarded the inaugural NLPA/ABPPF Integrated Behavioral Healthcare scholarship. Congrats to both of you!

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