Journal of Health Service Psychology: Spring 2017

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Becoming a Clinical Supervisor: Key Ethics Issues and Recommendations

Clinical supervision is an essential aspect of every health service provider’s professional development and training. Serving as a supervisor of…

Sensitive Employment Evaluations: 93% of Naval Aviation Personnel Receiving Mental Health Treatment Return to Flight Status

Mental health professionals and patients in sensitive employment situations, such as aviators, police officers, national security personnel, and surgeons, worry…

Optimizing Treatment with Easy to Use Technologies: Updating Your Clinical Toolbox

Technology is beginning to provide tools to assist and support psychological intervention, particularly in cases involving anxiety and depression. Heart…

Some Ethical Considerations in Paid Peer Consultations in Health Care

Professional associations often recommend consultation as an essential activity to ensure competence. Although consultation differs from supervision and includes generally…

School Threat Assessments: Psychological and Behavioral Considerations

Preventing school shootings is a matter of conducting thorough, ongoing assessments of potential perpetrators. This is generally done in schools…

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy: Bringing ‘in vivo’ Into the Office

Exposure is a critical element in the successful treatment of phobias and anxiety disorders. Virtual reality offers the most efficient…

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