The Mood and Affect of the National Register

In my clinical training I was often frustrated by the requirement to comment on both “mood” and “affect” in my patient evaluations. It’s not that I didn’t get the distinction. “Mood,” it was explained, was like weather, fickle and changeable but current; “affect” was climate, the more-or-less characterological outlook of a patient. (Since I worked predominantly on inpatient wards, the weather was usually stormy). From time to time, it’s always useful for an organization to review is vision and mission statements. These are, after all, de rigeur in the modern organizational environment. In the current political weather pattern, which promises to bring climactic change to American healthcare, I think that it is appropriate for us to re-examine our mission and vision to see if they will assist in charting the direction ahead. Read more.

In the News

Spotlight: Virtues

Americans Choose Ignorance Over Money

Americans from both sides of the aisle will choose to give up money rather than have to listen to the other side. This episode of Decode DC discusses a psychology study that found this 'motivated ignorance' at the intersection of politics and psychology. Read more.

Stoicism is One of the Best Mind Hacks

Stoicism has long been espoused by philosophers, but a close examination of the trait mirrors the general shape and texture of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Read more.

Friendship at First Sight

The tired trope of love at first sight has roots in the amygdala and the posterior cingulate cortex and isn't limited to romantic love—a 'friendship chemistry' emerges as our brain processes a new person. Read more.

How to Effectively Measure Implicit Bias

The concept of implicit bias has taken hold of the zeitgeist, even working its way into the 2016 presidential debates. This article examines if the tool psychologists use to assess it, the IAT, deserves the praise it has gotten. Read more.

Maternal Depression Reduces Child's Empathy

Researchers found that exposure to early and chronic maternal depression increases a child's risk of having a dulled sense of empathy toward others' pain. Read more.

Education Highlights

New IHTS Videos on

Modules 9 & 10 of our Integrated Healthcare Training Series have been added to for Registrants and Trainee Registrants. Registrants can earn a total of 11 free CE credits for viewing the series, which is accessible under "New: Video-Based Learning" on the Areas of Study page. Find out more.

Mental Health in Ethically Diverse, LGBTQIA, and Youth Groups, Jan. 24

This webinar, a follow-up to the Southeastern Health Equity Council's Cultural Competency Resource Guide, will discuss how mental health affects various ethnic groups, LGBTQIA, and youth groups and how to evaluate tools that address these disparities. Find out more.

Understanding the Complexities of Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Jan. 30

This 90-minute webinar will discuss the specific circumstances which put individuals at risk of victimization, the experience of exploitation, and the path from victim to survivor. Find out more.

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Board of Directors Elections

At its December meeting, the National Register Board of Directors elected June W. J. Ching, PhD, and re-elected Molly S. Clark, PhD, and Sarah F. Shelton, PsyD, to serve four-year terms starting in January 2017.

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New Partnership

New on the 

Job Board

Health Service Psychology Fellow- Washington, DC

Join our team! The National Register is hiring a fellow to do practice development, writing, and outreach in a scholar-practitioner role. 

Forensic Psychologists- Georgia
Supervisory, outpatient, and inpatient forensic psychology openings across the state.

Tenure-Track Faculty- Cincinnati, OH
Three full-time, tenure-track faculty positions available at Xavier University's School of Psychology.

IPF Update: Initial Two $10,000 Grants Awarded

The APF/National Register Internship Partnership Fund has awarded two grants to fund new internship positions at Children's Hospital Colorado and the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Internship Training in Clinical Psychology. Find out more.

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