Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Warm greetings from the National Register’s office in Washington, DC! I am delighted to begin my tenure as Executive Officer. Over the next few months, I plan to meet extensively with our staff and Board of Directors and speak with many of our credentialed psychologists. My goal is to learn more about what we do well as an organization, how we can enhance our value to psychologists and doctoral students, and what steps we need to take to expand the role of the National Register and health service psychologists in our healthcare system.

On a personal note, I have been credentialed as a health service psychologist for most of my professional life. I have always felt strongly about the organization’s role in our field, and I have always been proud of my identity as a health service psychologist. The Register has been a vibrant force in the field for the past four decades. I am thankful to our prior Executive Officers, Drs. Judy Hall and Al Wellner, for their leadership and to all our current and former board members for their vision in shaping the Register and the professional practice of psychology. Regardless of their contributions, I think these distinguished leaders would agree that the organization draws its strength from you – our credentialed psychologists.

I would like to start my tenure by saying thank you. For those of you who have been credentialed as HSPs for many years, you built this organization into a powerful force in psychology. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs. To our newly credentialed professionals, I hope your identity as health service psychologists will mean as much to you as it has to me during my career.

I am optimistic and enthusiastic about our future, and look forward to working with you all. This year the National Register will have a booth in the APA Exhibitor’s Hall at convention. I hope to see many of you there.

Very truly yours,

Morgan T. Sammons, PhD, ABPP

Executive Officer