Sarah F. Shelton, PsyD

Chair of the Ambassador Committee

National Register Ambassadors

Promoting Health Service Psychologists In Your Community

Represent the National Register in your professional community.

The National Register has launched an Ambassador program to provide Registrants with the opportunity to engage with psychologists and doctoral students in their community on behalf of the organization. This is a great way for Registrants to gain service experience with a national organization, expand their professional networks, and learn more about professional issues.

The primary responsibility of each National Register Ambassador is to arrange and lead two 15-minute presentations per year. These presentations for psychologists or psychology graduate students should highlight the purpose and benefits of the National Register and can be made at an institution or agency in the Ambassador’s choosing, such as a psychology doctoral program or Veterans Affairs Medical Center in their geographical area. After each presentation, Ambassadors should make themselves available to answer questions from attendees and provide feedback to National Register staff.

To be successful in this role, Ambassadors must have a strong understanding of the National Register’s mission and be comfortable talking about the organization.

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