As the healthcare field is learning how to define value and incorporate it into its operations, behavioral health providers will need to manage several new payment models simultaneously. The National Council seeks to foster support for the legislation, funding, policies and business models to implement payment reform in behavioral healthcare and strengthen cooperation between primary care and mental health care providers.

To help facilitate this implementation, the National Council has published two new papers:

‘Creeping and Leaping’ - Providing an overview of the behavioral health landscape, offering insight into how payment models are moving away from paying for volume to paying for value and how behavioral health payment and service delivery models are evolving to align with the new definition of value.

‘The Case Rate Toolkit’ -  Written to help specialty behavioral health providers prepare for bundled payments/case rates, providing step by step guidance on how to convert from a fee for service payment model to this new approach. In this toolkit you will learn four practical pieces of information.

  • What is a Bundled Payment? What is a Case Rate? And Why are they Important?
  • What Case Rates are NOT
  • How to Manage Under Case Rates
  • How to Set Case Rates

Check them out and get ready for the future!