In 2013, the APA’s Health Service Provider Education Collaborative (HSPEC) recommended that the profession redefine ourselves as Health Service Providers, a notion that was quickly adopted by the APA Council.  Early next week, the APA Council of Representatives is scheduled to vote on new standards of accreditation for doctoral programs, predoctoral internships, and postdoctoral residency programs that train Health Service Psychologists. These moves are remarkable for several reasons. Read More

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February 2015 News

PTSD Consultation Program Now Available for Providers Outside of the VA Who Treat Veterans with PTSD

The PTSD Consultation Program launched in 2011 to support Veteran Affairs (VA) providers. The Program has now been extended to include providers outside of the VA who are treating Veterans with PTSD. The Program allows mental health professionals the ability to speak directly with experts from the National Center for PTSD about clinical management, resources, assessment, improving care, and more. Read More

Webinar Series: Suicide Prevention, An Action Plan To Save Lives

The National Council for Behavioral Health in collaboration with the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention and NIMH are sponsoring a series of webinars organized around the key questions in the Prioritized Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention: An Action Plan to Save Lives. Read More

NIMH Twitter Chat on Binge Eating Disorder

Join the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week on Monday, February 23, 2015, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST for a Twitter chat on Binge Eating Disorder. NIMH grantee Cynthia Bulik, PhD, will be joining the discussion and answering related questions. Read More 

midpicAPA Released a Survey Measuring Stress in America

APA released the annual Stress in America™ report and included a survey measuring attitudes and perceptions of stress among the general public. The survey identified leading sources of stress, common behaviors used to manage stress and the impact of stress on our lives. The results of the survey draw attention to the serious physical and emotional implications of stress and the inextricable link between the mind and body. Read More

Call for Presentations Due March 15 for the 2015 Collaborative Family Healthcare Association Conference 

Changes in the US health care system are quickly creating a more favorable environment for health care organizations and providers to integrate primary care and behavioral health. The goal of the 2015 CFHA Conference is to promote the inclusion of collaborative, integrated care within larger health system transformation efforts around the country. CFHA is now accepting proposals for presentations. Read More

ICD-10 Implementation and Medicare Testing MLN Connects™ National Provider Call

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is hosting MLN Connects™ National Provider Calls. CMS subject matter experts will discuss opportunities for testing and results from previous testing weeks, along with implementation issues and resources for providers. On the Agenda for February 18 is Payment of Chronic Care Management Services Under CY 2015 Medicare PFS, and on February 26, ICD-10 Implementation and Medicare Testing. Read More

National Council for Behavioral Health: The Business Case for Reducing Cost and Expanding Treatment for Mental Illnesses and Addictions

Two new business cases published by the National Council for Behavioral Health outline straightforward, cost-saving solutions to America’s behavioral health needs by closing the gap between those needing behavioral health care and those receiving it. Read More

Course Series: National Center for PTSD: Addressing Traumatic Guilt in PTSD Treatment

Guilt is common following trauma and is sometimes challenging to treat. This course by the National Center for PTSD addresses Traumatic Guilt in PTSD Treatment, explains the relationship between trauma and guilt and reviews how to assess traumatic guilt. Read More

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Download the Telehealth Services Fact Sheet

This fact sheet is designed to provide education on services given to eligible Medicare beneficiaries via a telecommunications system. It includes information about distant site practitioners, telehealth services, billing and payment for professional services available via telehealth, and lists of helpful websites and Regional Office Rural Health Coordinators. Read More

Grant Opportunity: 2015 Suicide Prevention Resource Center Grant Application Due March 2

SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services is accepting applications for a fiscal year (FY) 2015 Suicide Prevention Resource Center grant. The purpose of this program is to build national capacity for preventing suicide by providing technical assistance, training, and resources to assist states, tribes, organizations, and individuals to develop suicide prevention strategies that advance the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention.  Read More

APA 2015 Military and Veterans Policy Update by Heather O’Beirne Kelly, PhD 

Read this snapshot of APA Military and Veterans Policy updates by Heather O’Beirne Kelly, PhD. Reprinted with permission, this update looks at President Obama’s budget request for FY16, news from the APA Education Directorate, and progress on VA-RxP Legislation. Read More

Call for National Register Awards Nominations

We are now accepting applications for the Judy E. Hall, PhD Early Career Psychologist Award and Alfred M. Wellner, PhD Distinguished Career Award. The deadline to apply is May1, 2015. To nominate yourself or another health service psychologist for either of these awards, please click on the following link: Read More 


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