EXCEPTIONS to APA/CPA Accreditation and ASPPB/National Register Designation:

If the applicant earned a doctoral degree in psychology from a program that meets one of the three exceptions listed below, the National Register will individually review the program to determine if it meets criteria contained in Guidelines 2-11:

  • Doctoral programs in psychology that are currently APA/CPA accredited or ASPPB/National Register designated but not when the applicant completed the program (unless that program was specifically denied accreditation or designation during or subsequent to the time the applicant was enrolled).  For this exception, it must be demonstrated that the program completed by the applicant is essentially the same (course content, requirements, faculty, etc.) as the currently accredited/designated program.
  • Doctoral programs in psychology completed prior to 1981 in the U.S. and 1988 in Canada.
  • Doctoral programs in psychology completed outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Note: A graduate of a doctoral program that was denied for ASPPB/National Register designation or APA/CPA accreditation while he/she was enrolled in the program or after he/she completed the program is not eligible for the National Register Health Service Psychologist Credential.