-If a program is not listed, is it definitely not acceptable?
-What does the date in parentheses by the program indicate?
-How are programs completed before designation began (in 1981) evaluated?

Listing in the online designation publication means that the general program has been reviewed and found to meet the guidelines. Therefore, if the program was designated at the time the applicant completed it, the applicant's transcript is simply reviewed to ensure that the required curriculum described in the doctoral degree guidelines have been covered by the individual's program.

The date in parentheses refers to the date that the program was first designated. The program may have existed prior to the date of designation but not reviewed and accepted until the date indicated. Also, significant changes in a program, including name changes, will result in a program being considered "a new program " and the date then reflects the date of the change.

Individuals who completed programs prior to their designation date listed or are not listed at all should check with the National Register office. It is possible that the program is no longer designated but was when you completed it. A staff person can check back issues of the publication to determine if your program was formerly listed.