The ABPP Board of Trustees approved adding one Early Career Psychologist-representative Trustee to the board who will represent the constituency of board-certified ECPs, independent of the SBs or Academies they are affiliated with.  An early career psychologist is defined as being within 10 years after receipt of the doctoral degree.  The purposes of this ECP position include:


  1. Increase ECP recruitment, involvement, and retention in ABPP.
  2. Provide advocacy and leadership opportunities for ECPs within ABPP.
  3. Facilitate collaboration and organization between ECP members of ABPP, in order to enhance ABPP.
  4. Mirror APA’s best practice policy of ECP involvement on all committees/boards.
  5. Increase the number of ECPs seeking board certification.


The Early Career Psychologist-representative Trustee is a full-voting member of the Board of Trustees, with all the rights and responsibilities of the Specialty Board Trustees and will attend two meetings a year of the Board of Trustees (expenses paid by ABPP); participate in Committee meetings to which he/she has been assigned, and respond to all written and oral communications received from the administrative office.


The term of service shall commence on January 1, 2015 and extend to December 31, 2018.


Please verify that the nominee is willing to serve, and submit CV along with perceived strengths the candidate may bring to the BOT.  Candidate nominations should be forwarded to Nancy McDonald, Assistant Executive Officer, 600 Market Street, Suite 201, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, prior to October 31st for submission to the Trustees at the year-end (December) BOT meeting. Self nominations are welcome.