Process & FAQs for Archiving Records for Argosy Psychology Doctoral Students and Alumni


Many current and former students have expressed concern about the troubling developments at Argosy University and the future availability of academic records. The National Register of Health Service Psychologists, the leading credentialing organization in the US with 10,000 licensed psychologists and more than 3,000 psychology doctoral students, has two options available for archiving Argosy academic records (including one at no charge to the student or graduate). The archives are available to current students and graduates of Argosy’s psychology doctoral programs, and current students and graduates of Argosy’s postdoctoral master’s programs in psychology. Currently enrolled students may submit transcripts to date, even though the program has not been completed.

Please see two archive options immediately below.
Review a list of frequently asked questions here.

How to Archive Credentials with the National Register

Option 1: Use of Archive Function Only (no charge to the student or graduate)

  • Initiate a credentials archive account here.
  • Arrange to have your official transcript and any other relevant materials sent to the National Register. There is no charge to archive these materials.
    • National Register of Health Service Psychologists
      Attn: Argosy Archive
      1200 New York Ave NW, Ste 800
      Washington, DC 20005
  • We will provide copies of the documentation upon request to the student or the graduate, or to third parties such as licensing boards, healthcare organizations, or employers. We cannot guarantee that the third party will accept the documentation as “official” but we will include a statement describing the process by which the transcript was archived at the National Register.
    • It is important to note that because we have not reviewed the documents, we will not be able provide an associated verification letter stating that we have reviewed and approved your credentials. Thus, you will not be able to take advantage of our licensure mobility program or our relationship with healthcare organizations.

Option 2: Apply for the National Register Health Service Psychologist credential (available to current students and licensed psychologists*, fees apply)

  • Go to the National Register’s website and request an online application.
  • Complete the online application and submit the associated documentation, including an official transcript and signed supervisor forms.
  • Once these materials are reviewed, approved, and archived, the National Register will verify your credentials to licensing boards, healthcare organizations, and employers. The verification package typically includes a copy of the approved documentation with an attached letter noting that the materials have been reviewed and approved by the National Register.

*The requirements for the Heath Service Psychologist credential include graduation from an APA/CPA accredited or NR/ASPPB designated doctoral program. Applicants must also be able to verify predoctoral and postdoctoral training experiences and have a license to practice psychology in good standing. Students may bank these credentials as they are accumulated.

What Can be Archived with the National Register?

Ideally, students and alumni will submit official academic transcripts, proof of graduation, and other similar information for banking. Students and alumni should request, as soon as possible, that official copies of their transcripts be sent directly to the National Register by a representative of the University. Only material that comes directly from a recognized University source may be deemed official.

Students may also bank unofficial materials including practicum training records, supervision logs, copies of diplomas or certificates and the like. While such information may not be accepted for licensure and other purposes, it will benefit the student or alumnus to have this material in an easily accessible electronic archive.

Please Keep in Mind

While the National Register is pleased to offer this service, we strongly advise that Argosy graduates or alumni request official copies of transcripts and other academic material for themselves. If hard copies are received, they should be stored in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box, with the envelope unopened or seals unbroken, as third parties may not consider opened material to be official.

If you have questions about archiving credentials, please email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the National Register’s archiving process for Argosy University students and alumni

The National Register is archiving, as a courtesy to Argosy students and alumni, both official and unofficial academic material submitted by students and alumni. We are doing so in order to provide an electronic repository for affected trainees and psychologists. We will, on the request of the submitter, forward these materials to licensing boards, employers, and other entities.

As noted below, some students and alumni are only archiving their transcripts with the National Register, which is a free service. Others are submitting their transcripts and other education and training credentials, including confirmation of internship and postdoctoral supervised experience, as part of an application for the National Register Health Service Psychologist credential.

If you wish to submit materials to be archived only (no fee), such materials will not be reviewed by the National Register. When we share these materials with third parties, we will note that they have not been reviewed. If you submit materials as part of an application for the HSP credential (fee based), we will review the materials and, if approved, present them to third parties as “National Register verified.”

We are aware of the uncertainty surrounding Argosy and the question of whether official material will be available in the future. We are monitoring this situation and will post information here as it becomes available.

  • The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) has obtained the transcripts for Argosy University students who attended the Northern Virginia campus prior to its closure. Students who wish to obtain a transcript will no longer go through Dream Center Education Holdings, but will instead submit the SCHEV Transcript Request Form as described below. SCHEV will waive all fees associated with transcript requests between now and June 30, 2019, enabling each student to request one transcript at no charge to be mailed to the address of their choice. Review full details.
  • Argosy University has created a page outlining details on closed schools and how to order transcripts through Parchment. Please visit Argosy’s website for more information.
  • Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, has posted information about Argosy on its website, including some detail on credit balance refunds, school transfers, and loan discharge. Please see available links on their website.
  • The American Psychological Association is offering this hour-long webinar on records and credentials banking to Argosy University’s psychology graduate students and alumni in light of the school’s closure. APA notes that submitting documentation about your internship, doctoral degree, postdoc and other credentials to a central repository for verification and storage can offer peace of mind as well as convenience.

At the present time, only material received directly from a designated source, such as a University Registrar, is considered official. Material submitted from students or psychologists is considered unofficial.

Applying for the HSP credential is a separate process, with fees and additional documentation requirements. Not all psychologists will meet the National Register’s requirements. The primary source verification process requires the psychologist to submit:

  1. Official transcripts from an APA/CPA accredited or National Register/ASPPB designated doctoral program. As noted in Question 2, at present only university-submitted material is considered official, but this situation may change as the Argosy University situation becomes clearer. Psychologists wishing to begin the application process should visit our apply page.
  2. Confirmation of internship training (signed by supervisor).
  3. Confirmation of postdoctoral experience (signed by supervisor).

Review the requirements for the HSP credential.

The benefits of applying for the HSP credential, including licensure mobility and credentials verification to healthcare organizations, are not available to individuals who only archive their transcripts and other academic materials.

Students can submit official and unofficial materials for archiving and subsequent forwarding to another entity. This process has no charge associated with it.

If students wish to join the National Psychologist Trainee Register (NPTR), they may start the process now. There is no fee* associated with opening an account. The NPTR is for students who want to obtain the HSP credential once they are licensed. As part of this program, the National Register performs primary source verification on predoctoral internships, completion of the doctoral degree, postdoctoral supervised training experiences, and licensure.

*Fees apply when you enter the credentialing phase, which occurs after you have completed your doctoral internship and received your doctoral degree in psychology. If the cost is a barrier, consider applying for a scholarship.

At present, the American Psychological Association and other entities are working on behalf of Argosy students to ensure that they receive proper credit for their education. We urge both students and alumni to obtain a sealed copy of their transcripts and other academic material from Argosy. They should store this material unopened in a safe place. While there is no guarantee that state licensing boards will accept material submitted directly by students and alumni, submission of unopened material will increase the chances that such documents will be accepted.

If you previously joined the NPTR but have not yet submitted transcripts or predoctoral internship verification forms, you may do so in your NPTR account. If you have already submitted these materials, no worries! We have them on file and no further action is required. You may also submit documents such as practicum training logs or verification forms.

If you are an active Registrant, you don’t need to take any further action. We have verified your transcripts, training experiences, and license. We will verify your credentials to licensing boards, healthcare organizations and employers at no charge upon your request for the duration of your membership.

Depending on when you discontinued your credentialing, you are either eligible to quickly reinstate your HSP credential, or you may need to apply for recredentialing. Please note that we will be unable to verify your credentials until you are in good standing.

1200 New York Ave NW, Ste 800

Washington DC 20005

p: 202.783.7663

f: 202.347.0550

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