The Cleveland VA Medical Center continues to seek applicants for three open positions in our APA accredited Clinical Health Psychology Residency program. We are the third largest VA and one of 9 programs nationally with specialty APA accreditation in Clinical Health Psychology. With a large health psychology section providing services over a wide range of medical clinics, we have an abundance of health psychology learning opportunities for our residents. If you or one of your trainees are still looking for a postdoctoral position for next year, please consider the following open positions in Specialty Medicine Clinics, HIV/HCV Clinics, or Geropsychology. I am happy to answer any questions!

The Specialty Medicine Clinics resident gains clinical training experiences in several interdisciplinary medical clinics, including Cardiology, Oncology, Palliative Care, Sleep, and Transplant. Specifically, the resident works in a variety of settings including an inpatient coronary intensive care unit, outpatient cardiology clinic, heart failure shared medical appointments, inpatient and outpatient oncology clinics, inpatient palliative care, and an outpatient sleep clinic. This resident also gains experience in solid organ and bone marrow transplant evaluations, as well as capacity evaluations. Within the sleep clinic, the resident will gain experience with CBT-I, other behavior-based interventions emphasizing first line non-pharmacological treatments of insomnia, and assisting with treatment adherence across a broad range of sleep disorders. Treatment opportunities for this residency position include individual, family, couple and group modalities.

The Hepatitis C and HIV Clinics resident has exciting opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary teams working in some rapidly advancing areas of medicine. The position provides opportunities to work in the interdisciplinary outpatient HCV and HIV clinics, an HIV support group, and outpatient shared medical visit for HCV treatment readiness. Given the interplay of substance use and risk for HIV and HCV, one day a week the resident works in the substance use disorder clinic towards goals including SUD screening, understanding of the available evidence-based SUD treatments, and motivational interviewing skills to help patients increase readiness to change substance use behaviors. The resident will also work closely with Peer Support Specialists in developing outreach programs, and there are multiple opportunities to participate in research and/or program improvement. Current research projects in HIV clinic include focus on screening options for HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND), optimizing medication adherence for patients with HAND, and opportunities to provide education and consultation to primary care providers on tenants of behavioral medicine. Many providers in HCV are trained in Six Sigma performance improvement, making performance improvement a standard aspect of care in this clinic.

The Geropsychology resident gains both breadth and depth of experiences in multiple geriatric clinics including an inpatient geriatric unit, an outpatient geriatric clinic, and a driving evaluation clinic. Learning opportunities include interdisciplinary weekly teaching rounds with a geriatrician, ongoing direct patient care including evidence based psychotherapy with patients, caregivers, and families, consultation with nursing and medical staff to educate and develop interventions around behavioral and patient management issues, Montessori-based dementia programming group therapy activity with inpatients, capacity evaluations and completion of Statement of Expert Evaluation forms for competency hearings, interdisciplinary family meetings, and psychological and cognitive evaluations. In addition to these core clinical experiences, the resident chooses among optional rotations with neuropsychology, long-term community living center rehabilitation unit, or hospice/palliative care.

In addition to the above clinical experiences, our residents have one day a week dedicated to research, a number of didactic options, and opportunities for umbrella supervision. For complete details of these positions, please see our full brochure: