The Primary Care Child Psychologist works with pediatric patients (aged 0-17) as part of the NYU Langone- Brooklyn DSRIP Project. A core feature of the project is to improve the delivery of behavioral health services through the implementation of an integrated primary care/behavioral health model at primary care centers within the Family Health Center network.  The Primary Care Child Psychologist will be based within the Pediatric clinic and will have close collaboration with the primary care staff. The main function will be to screen, diagnose, and provide a brief model of psychotherapy to children/adolescents who screen positive for mental health conditions in the medical setting, including collateral work with families and parent skills training; conduct brief assessments for developmental disorders; work closely with and provide feedback to the referring PCP; attend primary care meetings and collaborate with PCPs; develop treatment plans; refer out to more intensive services when necessary.


  • Receive referrals of medical patients from the PCP when the patient screens positive for mental health conditions (“warm hand-off”)
  • Conduct biopsychosocial assessments
  • Brief evaluations for developmental, emotional, and social disorders (for example, autism spectrum disorders)
  • Provide brief model of psychotherapy, preferably using an evidence based treatment
  • Work closely with family members of peds and children patients, including collateral and parent skills training as necessary
  • Develop a treatment plan in the electronic medical record based on the patients behavioral health issues
  • Document psychotherapy visits in the electronic medical record
  • Provide clinical feedback to the referring PCP
  • Participate in the site’s team meetings and huddles, with a focus on coordinating care of shared patients, educating medical staff about the role of the behavioral health provider, and the importance of all medical site staff supporting mental health screening/treatment of patients at the site.


  • The position requires that the Psychologist have experience working with young children/adolescents, be comfortable working in a medical setting, being part of a medical team, being proactive, and an advocate/educating medical staff about the importance of mental health treatment for overall health.
  • The position requires the Psychologist be comfortable in helping to expand and advocate for a new, innovative approach (“integrated BH/PC”) within an existing medical clinic.
  • Work closely with Supervisor and Program Manager to review and improve workflow
  • Participate in regular supervision with Supervisor
  • Participate in quality improvement and performance improvement activities to ensure that program aims are achieved
  • Identify poorly engaged patients and provide telephone/letter outreach, when necessary
  • Attend trainings and meetings as requested
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Ph.D/Psy.D NYS license in good standing
  • Bilingual English/Spanish
  • Experience working with children/adolescents and their families
  • Experience with Administration for Children Services (ACS) reporting
  • Comfortable working in a medical setting
  • Familiar with use of electronic medical records
  • Familiar with medical conditions and terminology

 Two evening shifts are required (11am – 7pm shift)

Those who are interested should send their CV and a brief statement of interest to Dr. Jon Marrelli at