Behavioral Health Consultant - School Based

Full-time at: Renton, WA

Identifies, triages and co-manages patients with medical and behavioral health problems within the school-based health primary care setting.  Provides skill training through psycho-education and patient education strategies and develops specific behavioral change plans for patients and behavioral health protocols for target populations.

  • Assist primary health care provider in recognizing and treating mental disorders and psychosocial problems, and behavioral medicine problems
  • Assessment and triage:  conduct initial screening visit of 30 minutes or less, evaluate level of functioning, determine risk level, assist with diagnosis and behavioral management of HealthPoint patients.
  • Work with primary care team (primary care provider, nutritionist) to treat and manage patients with emotional and/or health problems efficiently and effectively assisting in the development of plans to prevent further psychological or physical deterioration.
  • Provide behavioral health care to minors in accordance with Washington State Law; maintain strict adherence to confidentiality policies.
  • Work with primary care provider to refer cases to mental health specialists as appropriate. Assist school personnel with referrals as needed.
  • Evaluate patient care plans with primary care team.
  • Teach patients self care. Teach families and health center staff techniques for patient care. Teach patients and health center staff techniques for prevention of risks to the well-being of the patient and techniques for treatment enhancement of the patient.
  • Develop and conduct educational workshops and group visits to promote skill building, education, and improved health for patients and the overall student population.

Education and/or Experience:
Licensed or license-eligible psychologist or other credentialed counselor degree. Experience in health psychology and working in medical settings required. Experience working with adolescent population required.

Licenses or Certificates:

Washington State license or Certificate relevant to individual’s degree.