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There is a Role for Psychology in Integrated Care—If We Make One

Healthcare systems are not going to hire psychologists because of our belief, however well-founded, that our skills make us effective administrators, supervisors, or mediators. If we don’t have the skill set to be hired for one reason only—to provide effective interventions in the integrated environment—we aren’t going to be hired at all. And this means we must expand on our training to be more inclusive of the core skills other providers bring to the primary care environment. As I write this column, the Register is in the midst of filming a series of seminars that will train psychologists to work in integrated care settings. Read more.

In the News

Spotlight: Mental Health of Transgender People

Complexities of Transgender Mental Health
Recent studies have shed light on some of the mysteries of gender dysphoria (formerly 'gender identity disorder'), but the big question still remains: is there something inherent about being transgender that makes one more at risk for poor mental health, or is it about how society treats transgender people? Read more.

Parental Support May Help Transgender Children's Mental Health
Previous studies point to high rates of anxiety and depression in transgender children, but this study of children who have 'socially transitioned' shows developmentally normative levels of depression and anxiety. Read more.

Transgender Veterans Particularly Vulnerable
Among military veterans identifying as transgender, 90% have at least one mental health diagnosis, such as PTSD or depression, and nearly 50% had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt or suicidal thoughts. One VAMC is trying to help. Read more.

Reducing Transphobia Through Canvassing
A study published this month in Science by researchers who debunked a similar (and fabricated) study from 2014 shows that door-to-door canvassers do have the power to change opinions regarding transgender prejudice through short, personal conversations. Read more.

New  LGBTQ Youth: Voices of Trauma, Lives of Promise
This video from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network features young people discussing the trauma they've experienced related to their LGBTQ identities, how mental health professionals enabled them to gain resilience, and what they look for in a healthcare provider.  Read more.

Education Highlights

Deploying in Response to an Infectious Disease Outbreak: The Impact on Service Member Mental Health - April 20
This Center for Deployment Psychology webinar will look at how the deployment to fight Ebola in West Africa impacted the behavioral health of service members involved. The webinar is free and offers 1 CEU! Find out more.

Best Practices in Self-Directed Care to Support Recovery In Women - April 21
This SAMHSA sponsored webinar will review the challenges, benefits, and best practices learned from a Mental Health America program that integrated a focus on social connection in recovery. Find out more.

Addressing Addiction in Older Adults - April 21
This webinar will discuss special considerations for treating older adults with addiction, including complications of assessment, national concerns for population health, and the tools necessary for care planning and treatment. Find out more.

National Register Integrated Healthcare Training Series - April 25
The next in our series of training seminars highlighting psychologists' role in integrated healthcare will be filmed at 9:00am, 12:30pm, and 2:15pm. Psychologists, psychology graduate students, and postdoctoral trainees in the Washington, D.C., metro area are encouraged to join us for the taping and earn free CEUs! Find out more and RSVP.

New on the Job Board

Prescribing Psychologist-Albuquerque, NM
The Albuquerque Indian Health Center seeks two psychologists.

Psychologist- Denver, CO
Work in Denver Health's Inpatient Adult Psychiatric Unit.

Assistant Professor of Child Clinical Psychology- Erie, PA
A full-time, tenure-track position at Penn State Erie for a professor.

Child CBT Fellowship- Boston, MA
This fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital has both a research and clinical focus.

Psychology Resident - Portland, OR
Work with a diverse student body at Portland State University.

Pain Management Fellowship - Milwaukee, WI
Join a pain management center that offers a comprehensive approach to pain management.

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Applications for Credentialing Scholarships Due April 15, 2016

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