Expedited Reapplication

If your HSP credential was discontinued more than two years ago, you must re-apply under the current criteria. For most members who were deleted within the past ten years, we can expedite your reapplication based on the primary source documentation you submitted when you originally applied. Contact kim@nationalregister.org for details. To initiate your expedited reapplication, submit the following documents:


If your HSP credential was discontinued within the past two years, and you are actively licensed and have not had any disciplinary action, you are eligible for reinstatement. All you need to do to reinstate your National Register Health Service Psychologist credential is complete and and submit the following documents:

To expedite the process, we will pull a copy of your current license from the state board web site as soon as we receive your materials. Please email materials to terry@nationalregister.org, or fax to 202-347-0550, or mail to the National Register, 1200 New York Ave. NW, Ste 800, Washington, DC 20005. If you have any questions, email terry@nationalregister.org or call 202-783-7663.